We wish prosperity of every businesses and institutions and We serve every step of the way


OCC (former name; Okinawa electronic calculation center) was established by volunteers of local businesses in 1966 for the purpose of contributing as general consulting center according to the modernization of local community. In 1986, it became a corporation. We have been providing “computer service” and developing software not only for local communities and associations but also for government and non government enterprises even in Hong Kong and Indonesia.
Today, we have 500 employees (OCC group) and acquired a good reputation as computer service enterprise in the businesses. We are deeply appreciative for this honor and would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your business and support.
 Responding to diversifying and complicating social needs, we have worked on innovating computers and bring balance in between human society and computer. Also we have made contributions to work behind the scenes for development and progressive of local community
OCC Corporation