Description of business

We have experiences in designing and developing application software for many customers in various field such as government, distribution, finance, manufacturing, mass communication, leisure, hotel, medical, educational, library, and more. These package products are in effect in Okinawa and everywhere.



IDC related business(24hours、365days)

OCC get ahead of the times and we are specialized in IDC related business too.We have IDC institute to take care of server of the customers and providing internet connection, maintenance and operation service. We have a server room in our building which has dual electric power equipment and fault-resilient from fires and earthquakes, we keep data in the room. Also the room ensure proper security by monitoring 24 hours 365days and entering and leaving control using ID card. We have provided high quality service with less expensive price than self-managing. We would like to provide solutions for customer to dedicate themselves devoting to their business.

◆ Outsourcing service
◆ ASP service
◆ ISP service
◆ Housing service
◆ Hosting service
◆ Printing service
◆ Data entry service





Business related to system development

We listen to you first. Experienced engineer with specialized experience and latest technique comprehend and analyze your current situation, then design and develop best system to maximize the ability of the computer. We can provide superior cost performance with warmth. 

System integration service
◆ Design and develop software
System development ・Dispatch engineer service

IT introductory consultation



Data entry service

A computer has special ability but if there is no information inside that it only a box.. Our experienced stuffs and 60 data entry machines always respond with timely, accurate, speedy and safe information. Also we have image entry system, which made us not depend on paper based files therefore we can avoid the risk of loss or damage of data. We make more progress to respond to various needs of the customers and keep providing latest methods and high security.




Educational related business・Contact center

We made an Education specialized institution in Head Quarters in Urasoe, to response to the needs from various field. We provide high-value seminars to satisfy customers requirements. We also providing worry free way to solve troubles and questions due to the rapid progress of IT.


Network construction related Business

Devices have been introducing one after another, companies has different maker of devices and software, and each one create data by their own way. It seems economically inefficient even the companies are trying to have economic efficiency. Why dont we reforming this situation? We could dedicate connection to each system, unify information, and make efficient environment by using high technique of network. Of course, LAN construction, Internet, and Intra net constructions are one of area of our specialty.



System・hardware maintenance

Information handling environment has changed with innovation of technology, enhanced performance and downsized of hardware, and highly developed software. Big general purpose machine became Office computer, and today, client server system and open system became mainstream. Personal computer became super performance and be active in every field in our society.could analyze your needs, calculate the cost and recommend best solution to our customers, and also provide soft and hardware maintenance service for 24hours





2010/07/14 更新
WebMagic Ver3 3.6.2-3 をリリースいたしました
WebMagic Ver.3.6.2-1 において不具合が確認されました。詳細をご確認いただきますよう、お願いいたします。
2010/05/19 更新
WebMagic Ver3 PHPバージョンアップのお知らせ
WebMagic Ver3.6.2用のPHPをバージョンアップいたしました。
2010/03/12 更新
WebMagic Ver. 3 新リビジョンリリースのお知らせ
WebMagic Ver.3.6.2、Ver.3.6.2用のPHP 5.2.12 をリリースいたしました。